Modul "custom"

Jan Burse, erstellt 17. Aug 2019
* A call back can replace the default debugger user interface. The
* instrumented code of a clause automatically checks for debugging
* conditions. The typical conditions are those from debug mode, spy
* points and break points described in the previous section. When the
* corresponding condition is met, the interpreter will call the
* predicate trace_goal/2.
* The system predicate trace_goal/2 is customizable by the end-user
* via additional rules for the multi-file predicate goal_tracing/2.
* If the additional multi-file rules fail, the system predicate will
* invoke the default debugger user interface. The behaviour of the
* default debugger user interface can be further configured by the
* predicate leash/1.
* Predicates that have the sys_notrace predicate property set can also
* meet some condition, but are not display by the default debugger user
* interface. A couple of predicates that resemble commands, e.g.
* listing/1, trace/1, etc., have the sys_notrace predicate property
* by set, so that they do not clutter interactive debugging.
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* The library can be distributed as part of your applications and libraries
* for execution provided this comment remains unchanged.
* Restrictions
* Only to be distributed with programs that add significant and primary
* functionality to the library. Not to be distributed with additional
* software intended to replace any components of the library.
* Trademarks
* Jekejeke is a registered trademark of XLOG Technologies GmbH.
:- use_package(foreign(jekdev/reference/debug)).
:- module(user, []).
* goal_tracing(P, F):
* The predicate can be used to define a custom debugger
* call back for the port P and the frame F.
% goal_tracing(+Atom, +Frame)
:- public goal_tracing/2.
:- multifile goal_tracing/2.
:- static goal_tracing/2.
* trace_goal(P, F):
* The predicate invokes the current debugger call back for
* the port P and the frame F. If no call back is defined then
* the current goal is traced and optionally prompted.
% trace_goal(+Port, +Frame)
:- public trace_goal/2.
trace_goal(Port, Frame) :-
goal_tracing(Port, Frame), !.
trace_goal(_, Frame) :-
trace_goal(Port, Frame) :-
sys_debug_ask(Port, Frame),
sys_continue_debug(Port, Frame).
trace_goal(Port, Frame) :-
sys_debug(Port, Frame),
sys_continue_debug(Port, Frame).
* store_changing(S):
* The predicate can be used to define a custom debugger
* call back for the store S.
% store_changing(+Store)
:- public store_changing/1.
:- multifile store_changing/1.
:- static store_changing/1.
* change_store(S):
* The predicate invokes the current debugger call back for
* the store S. If no call back is defined then does nothing.
% change_store(+Store)
:- public change_store/1.
* leash(L):
* Leash the ports that are listed in L, unleash the ports that are
* not listed in L. When prompted, unleashed ports do not await user
* interaction but simply continue. The predicate accepts the same
* mnemonics as the predicate visible/1.
% leash(+AtomOrList)
:- public leash/1.
leash(Name) :- var(Name),
throw(error(instantiation_error, _)).
leash(Name) :- sys_name_flags(Name, Flags), !,
set_prolog_flag(sys_leash, Flags).
leash(Flags) :-
set_prolog_flag(sys_leash, Flags).
:- set_predicate_property(leash/1, sys_notrace).