Modul Trail

Jan Burse, erstellt 17. Aug 2019
* The system predicate sys_unbind/1 installs an unbind handler and
* immediately succeeds. The unbind handler is invoked during a redo or
* a close. In contrast to a cutter the unbind handler is not invoked
* when choice points are removed. When the unbind handlers are executed
* exceptions are aggregate_alld that are possibly thrown by the unbind
* handlers. When unbind handler fails a directive failed error is thrown.
* The predicate sys_freeze_var/2 will create a new reference object that
* captures the given variable. The reference object will have a stable
* hash, equal and lexical ordering for the duration of the continuation.
* The predicate sys_melt_var/2 allows retrieving the term the variable
* is currently instantiated to. The predicate sys_bound_var/1 allows
* checking whether the variable is currently instantiated or not.
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* The library can be distributed as part of your applications and libraries
* for execution provided this comment remains unchanged.
* Restrictions
* Only to be distributed with programs that add significant and primary
* functionality to the library. Not to be distributed with additional
* software intended to replace any components of the library.
* Trademarks
* Jekejeke is a registered trademark of XLOG Technologies GmbH.
:- package(library(jekmin/reference/experiment)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekmin/reference/experiment)).
:- module(trail, []).
* sys_unbind(A):
* The predicate installs an unbind handler A and immediately succeeds.
* The unbind handler is invoked during a redo or a close.
% sys_unbind(+Goal)
:- public sys_unbind/1.
:- meta_predicate sys_unbind(0).
:- set_predicate_property(sys_unbind/1, sys_notrace).
:- special(sys_unbind/1, 'SpecialUndo', 0).
* sys_freeze_var(V, R):
* The predicate succeeds when R unifies with a new references
* object that captures the variable V.
% sys_freeze_var(+Var, -Ref)
:- public sys_freeze_var/2.
:- special(sys_freeze_var/2, 'SpecialUndo', 1).
* sys_melt_var(R, T):
* The predicate succeeds when T unifies with the variable captured
* by the reference object R.
% sys_melt_var(+Ref, -Var)
:- public sys_melt_var/2.
:- special(sys_melt_var/2, 'SpecialUndo', 2).
* sys_bound_var(R):
* The predicate succeeds when the variable captured by the reference
* object R is currently instantiated.
% sys_bound_var(+Ref)
:- public sys_bound_var/1.
:- special(sys_bound_var/1, 'SpecialUndo', 3).
* sys_freezer(R):
* The predicate succeeds when R is a reference to a variable.
% sys_freezer(+Term)
:- public sys_freezer/1.
:- special(sys_freezer/1, 'SpecialUndo', 4).