Modul Arith

Jan Burse, erstellt 15. Sep 2018
* The default decimal number operations are unlimited precision. We
* provide here additional predicates mp_decimal/3, mp_add/3, mp_sub/3,
* mp_mul/3, mp_slash/3 and mp_int_pow/3 that provide limited precision
* basic arithmetic operations. The predicate mp_decimal/3 reduces the
* argument to the requested precision by using the proposed rounding.
* It can do this for integer, float and decimal numbers.
* Examples:
* ?- X is mp_decimal(1<<10, new_context(3)).
* X = 0d1.02E+3
* ?- X is mp_decimal(pi, new_context(3)).
* X = 0d3.14
* ?- X is mp_decimal(0d2.7183, new_context(3)).
* X = 0d2.72
* The arithmetic predicates mp_add/3, mp_sub/3, mp_mul/3, mp_slash/3 and
* mp_int_pow/3 proceed in that they first round the given arguments to
* the requested precision. Then they compute the arithmetic operation
* up to the requested precision. The predicate mp_int_pow/3 internally
* computes with additional precision. Except for the argument and result
* rounding, they don’t introduce additional errors in the computation.
* Examples:
* ?- X is mp_decimal(0d2.7183*0d2.7183, new_context(3)).
* X = 0d7.39
* ?- X is mp_mul(0d2.7183, 0d2.7183, new_context(3)).
* X = 0d7.40
* The arithmetic predicates fall back to the ordinary operations if none
* of the arguments are decimals and they might thus also produce integer
* and float results. There is one exception to this rule for the predicate
* mp_slash/3 which always produces a decimal.
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* The library can be distributed as part of your applications and libraries
* for execution provided this comment remains unchanged.
* Restrictions
* Only to be distributed with programs that add significant and primary
* functionality to the library. Not to be distributed with additional
* software intended to replace any components of the library.
* Trademarks
* Jekejeke is a registered trademark of XLOG Technologies GmbH.
:- package(library(jekmin/frequent/decimal)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekmin/frequent/decimal)).
:- module(arith, []).
* mp_decimal(X, P, Z):
* Predicate succeeds in Z with X converted to decimal with context P.
:- public mp_decimal/3.
:- special(mp_decimal/3, 'SpecialArith', 0).
* mp_add(X, Y, P, Z):
* The predicate succeeds in Z with the addition of two number
* X and Y with context P.
:- public mp_add/4.
:- special(mp_add/4, 'SpecialArith', 1).
* mp_sub(X, Y, P, Z):
* The predicate succeeds in Z with the number X subtracted by the
* number Y with context P.
:- public mp_sub/4.
:- special(mp_sub/4, 'SpecialArith', 2).
* mp_mul(X, Y, P, Z):
* The predicate succeeds in Z with the multiplication of two numbers
* X and Y with context P.
:- public mp_mul/4.
:- special(mp_mul/4, 'SpecialArith', 3).
* mp_slash(X, Y, P, Z):
* The predicate succeeds in Z with the number X divided by the
* number Y with context P.
:- public mp_slash/4.
:- special(mp_slash/4, 'SpecialArith', 4).
* mp_int_pow(X, N, P, Z):
* The predicate succeeds in Z with the number X rose to the
* power of the integer N with context P.
:- public mp_int_pow/4.
:- special(mp_int_pow/4, 'SpecialArith', 5).