Modul Scale

Jan Burse, erstellt 15. Sep 2018
* This module provides access to decimal numbers. Among the ordinary
* access to decimal numbers that is available both for unlimited and
* limited precision decimal numbers, we also find access that is
* specific to limited precision decimal numbers. A decimal number is
* represented as follows according to the Java BigDecimal class:
* D = V * U * 10^(-S)
* V : The sign, -1, 0 or 1
* U : The unscaled value from the Java BigInteger class.
* S : The scale from the Java int class.
* For limited precision decimal numbers the order of magnitude of the
* unscaled value is determined as well. This is called the precision of
* the decimal number and it is independent of the scale of the decimal
* number. During limited precision arithmetic the precision is limited
* by a requested precision from a math context:
* 10^(P-1) <= U < 10^P
* P : The precision
* The evaluable functions scale/2, unscaled_value/2 and new_decimal/3 allow
* accessing and creating an unlimited or limited decimal number. The
* evaluable functions precision/2 and requested/2 allow accessing the
* current precision of a decimal number and the requested precision
* through a math context.
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* Restrictions
* Only to be distributed with programs that add significant and primary
* functionality to the library. Not to be distributed with additional
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* Trademarks
* Jekejeke is a registered trademark of XLOG Technologies GmbH.
:- package(library(jekmin/frequent/decimal)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekmin/frequent/decimal)).
:- module(scale, []).
* scale(X, S):
* Predicate succeeds in S with the scale of the decimal number X.
:- public scale/2.
:- special(scale/2, 'SupplementScale', 0).
* unscaled_value(X, U):
* Predicate succeeds in U with the unscaled value of the decimal number X.
:- public unscaled_value/2.
:- special(unscaled_value/2, 'SupplementScale', 1).
* new_decimal(U, S, D):
* The predicate succeeds in D with a decimal of unscaled value U and scale S.
:- public new_decimal/3.
:- special(new_decimal/3, 'SupplementScale', 2).
* precision(X, P):
* Predicate succeeds in P with the precision of the decimal number X.
:- public precision/2.
:- special(precision/2, 'SupplementScale', 3).
* requested(C, P):
* Predicate succeeds in P with requested precision by the math context C.
:- public requested/2.
:- special(requested/2, 'SupplementScale', 4).
* new_context(P, C):
* Predicate succeeds in C with a new math context of requested precision P.
:- public new_context/2.
:- special(new_context/2, 'SupplementScale', 5).