Modul Series

Jan Burse, erstellt 17. Aug 2019
* This module provides symbolic series development. The substitution
* and the differential operator are the building blocks for the
* development of series. The operator taylor/3 can be used to develop
* a Taylor series. It takes an original reduced expression, a varying
* variable and the number of desired summands.
* Examples:
* ?- X is 1/(1+A), Y is taylor(X,A,5).
* X is 1/(1+A),
* Y is 1-A+A^2-A^3+A^4-A^5
* ?- X is 1/(1+A), Y is laurent(X,A,5).
* X is 1/(1+A),
* Y is (1-A+A^2-A^3+A^4)/A^5
* By default the Taylor series is developed at the point zero (0),
* known as Maclaurin series. There is a variant operator taylor/4
* with a further argument for the point where the series should be
* developed. The operator laurent/[3,4] produce a Laurent series.
* Error handling is rudimentary. Cancellation does not yet generate
* non-zero side conditions.
* We do not yet support some special functions. The series operators
* are realized without any limes operator. Limes calculation is
* implicit in our polynomial division since common roots are cancelled.
* We do not yet provide some computation for the remainder term,
* the convergence radius of the infinite series or a symbolic form
* for the infinite series.
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:- package(library(jekmin/frequent/leibniz)).
:- use_package(library(jekmin/frequent/gauss)).
:- module(series, []).
:- use_module(../groebner/generic).
* taylor(P, X, N, Q):
* taylor(P, X, N, R, Q):
* The predicate succeeds in Q with the Taylor series
* of P along the variable X for N summands. The quinary
* predicate allows specifying the point R.
% element:taylor(+Element, +Variable, +Integer, -Internal)
:- public element:taylor/4.
element:taylor(P, X, N, R) :-
sys_maclaurin_horner(P, X, 0, N, R).
% sys_maclaurin_horner(+Internal, +Variable, +Integer, +Integer, -Internal)
:- private sys_maclaurin_horner/5.
sys_maclaurin_horner(P, X, N, N, R) :- !,
R is subst(P, X, 0).
sys_maclaurin_horner(P, X, N, M, R) :-
Q is deriv(P, X),
user: +(N, 1, K),
sys_maclaurin_horner(Q, X, K, M, H),
R is X*H/K+subst(P, X, 0).
% element:taylor(+Element, +Variable, +Integer, +Internal, -Internal)
:- public element:taylor/5.
element:taylor(P, X, N, R, S) :-
sys_taylor_horner(P, X, 0, N, R, S).
% sys_taylor_horner(+Internal, +Variable, +Integer, +Integer, -Internal)
:- private sys_taylor_horner/6.
sys_taylor_horner(P, X, N, N, R, S) :- !,
S is subst(P, X, R).
sys_taylor_horner(P, X, N, M, R, S) :-
Q is deriv(P, X),
user: +(N, 1, K),
sys_taylor_horner(Q, X, K, M, R, H),
S is (X-R)*H/K+subst(P, X, R).
* laurent(P, X, N, Q):
* laurent(P, X, N, R, Q):
* The predicate succeeds in Q with the Laurent series
* of P along the variable X for N summands. The quinary
* predicate allows specifying the point R.
% element:laurent(+Element, +Variable, +Integer, -Internal)
:- public element:laurent/4.
element:laurent(P, X, N, R) :-
H is subst(P, X, 1/Y),
J is taylor(H, Y, N),
R is subst(J, Y, 1/X).
% element:laurent(+Element, +Variable, +Integer, +Internal, -Internal)
:- public element:laurent/5.
element:laurent(P, X, N, R, S) :-
H is subst(P, X, 1/Y),
J is taylor(H, Y, N, R),
S is subst(J, Y, 1/X).