Module Locale

Jan Burse, created Feb 06. 2019
* A properties bundle consists of multiple properties files that vary
* in the file name by an injection of a locale code before the
* file extension. Our convention is that each bundle must contain
* a properties file without injection. This file acts as a root for
* the bundle and as a fall-back for locales that are not found:
* Examples:
* The root and fall-back.
* The German member of the bundle.
* The predicates get_lang/2 and get_lang/3 allow retrieving a
* member of a bundle. These predicates make use of the predicate
* absolute_resource_name/2 to resolve the root so that the same
* base name without an extension can be used for Prolog text and
* for properties files.
* Examples:
* test(Y) :- get_lang('code',X), get_property(X,'foo',Y).
* ?- test(X).
* X = bar
* The lookup can be combined with sys_capture/1 to allow addressing
* a properties file relative to the current Prolog text. The
* predicates get_property/3 and get_property/4 allow retrieving a
* property value from a properties file. The lookup and retrieval
* is fast, since we memory load and cache properties files.
* The predicate format_atom/[3,4] allows formatting a list of arguments
* based on a template and a locale. The predicates message_make/[3,4]
* and error_make/[3,4] allow formatting a term based on properties
* file and a locale. The predicates get_error_properties/[1,2] and
* get_description_properties/[2,3] allow retrieving knowledgebase
* respective capability defined properties files.
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:- package(library(jekpro/frequent/system)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekpro/frequent/system)).
:- use_package(foreign(java/util)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekpro/tools/call)).
:- module(locale, []).
* sys_get_lang(S, P):
* sys_get_lang(S, L, P):
* The predicate unifies P with the properties from the bundle S
* for the current default locale. The ternary version of the
* predicate allows specifying the locale L. The bundle S has
* to be loaded in advance via sys_load_resource/1.
% sys_get_lang(+Slash, -Props)
:- public sys_get_lang/2.
sys_get_lang(Slash, Props) :-
current_prolog_flag(sys_locale, Locale),
sys_sys_get_lang(Pin, Locale, Props).
% sys_get_lang(+Slash, +Atom, -Props)
:- public sys_get_lang/3.
sys_get_lang(Slash, Locale, Props) :-
sys_sys_get_lang(Pin, Locale, Props).
:- private sys_sys_get_lang/3.
:- foreign(sys_sys_get_lang/3, 'ForeignLocale',
* get_property(P, K, V):
* get_property(P, K, D, V):
* The predicate unifies V with the value for the key K from
* the properties P. The quaternary version of the predicate
* allows specifying a default value D.
% get_property(+Props, +Atom, -Atom)
:- public get_property/3.
:- foreign(get_property/3, 'ForeignLocale',
% get_property(+Props, +Atom, +Atom, -Atom)
:- public get_property/4.
:- foreign(get_property/4, 'ForeignLocale',
* format_atom(F, A, S):
* format_atom(L, F, A, S):
* The predicate formats the arguments A from the format F and unifies
* the result with S. The quaternary predicate allows specifying
* a locale L.
% format_atom(+Format, +Arguments, -Atom)
:- public format_atom/3.
format_atom(Format, Arguments, Atom) :-
current_prolog_flag(sys_locale, Locale),
format_atom(Locale, Format, Arguments, Atom).
% format_atom(+Locale, +Format, +List, -Atom)
:- public format_atom/4.
:- foreign(format_atom/4, 'ForeignLocale',
* message_make(P, M, S):
* message_make(L, P, M, S):
* The predicate formats the messsage term M from the properties P
* and unifies the result with S. The quaternary predicate allows
* specifying a locale L.
% message_make(+Props, +Term, -Atom)
:- public message_make/3.
message_make(Props, Term, Atom) :-
current_prolog_flag(sys_locale, Locale),
message_make(Locale, Props, Term, Atom).
% message_make(+Locale, +Props, +Term, -Atom)
:- public message_make/4.
:- foreign(message_make/4, 'ForeignLocale',
* error_make(P, E, S):
* error_make(L, P, E, S):
* The predicate formats the error term E without its context from
* the properties P and unifies the result with S. The quaternary
* predicate allows specifying a locale L.
% error_make(+Props, +Term, -Atom)
:- public error_make/3.
error_make(Props, Term, Atom) :-
current_prolog_flag(sys_locale, Locale),
error_make(Locale, Props, Term, Atom).
% error_make(+Locale, +Props, +Term, -Atom)
:- public error_make/4.
:- foreign(error_make/4, 'ForeignLocale',
* get_error_properties(P):
* get_error_properties(L, P):
* The predicate unifies P with the error properties of the
* current knowledge base. The binary predicate allows specifying
* a locale L. The error resource bundles have to be loaded in
* advance via sys_load_resource/1.
% get_error_properties(-Props)
:- public get_error_properties/1.
current_prolog_flag(sys_locale, Locale),
get_error_properties(Locale, Props).
% get_error_properties(+Locale, -Props)
:- public get_error_properties/2.
:- foreign(get_error_properties/2, 'ForeignLocale',
* get_description_properties(C, P):
* get_description_properties(L, C, P):
* The predicate unifies P with the description properties of the
* given capability C. The ternary predicate allows specifying
* a locale L.
% get_decription_properties(+Capability, -Props)
:- public get_description_properties/2.
get_description_properties(Capability, Props) :-
current_prolog_flag(sys_locale, Locale),
get_description_properties(Locale, Capability, Props).
% get_description_properties(+Locale, +Capability, -Props)
:- public get_description_properties/3.
:- foreign(get_description_properties/3, 'ForeignLocale',