Module "transform"

Jan Burse, created Aug 20. 2020
* This module provides a couple of simple utilities to deal with the
* validation and application of XSL models. When a XSL model is
* validated, the referenced XML data is validated via its associated
* XSD schema. The predicates schema_new/1 and schema_digest/2 allow
* creating an XSD schema. An XML model is validated by the
* predicate data_check/3.
* Example:
* ?- open('hello_buggy.xsl', read, S), elem_new(D),
* node_load(D, S, [root(text)]), close(S), assertz(my_data(D)).
* ?- my_data(D), sheet_check(D,[]).
* Error: Undeclared XPath variable.
* The XSL model loads referenced data or schema via reflection. The
* result should be an in-stance that implements the Java interface
* InterfacePath. We currently use the standard Java class loader to
* create the instance. Using the class loader from the Prolog knowledge
* base is planned for future releases of this module.
* Example:
* ?- open('hello_english.xsl', read, S), elem_new(D),
* node_load(D, S, [root(text)]), close(S), assertz(my_data(D)).
* ?- my_data(D), current_output(S),
* sheet_transform(D, S, '', [variable(name,'John')]).
* Welcome John!
* XSL model select data fragments by XPath expressions. These
* expressions are parsed on the fly. During validation they advanced
* the current schema, whereas during application they advanced the
* current data. XSL models can be validated by the predicate
* sheet_check/2 and applied by the predicate sheet_transform/4.
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* Trademarks
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:- package(library(jekdev/reference/notebook)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekdev/reference/notebook)).
:- use_package(foreign(matula/text/format)).
:- use_package(foreign(matula/text/transform)).
:- use_package(foreign(java/io)).
:- use_package(library(matula/text/transform)).
:- use_package(foreign(jekpro/tools/call)).
:- module(transform, []).
:- sys_load_resource(resource(sheet)).
:- sys_add_resource(resource(sheet)).
/* XML Check */
* schema_new(S):
* The predicate succeeds in S with a new XSD schema.
% schema_new(-XSDSchema)
:- public schema_new/1.
:- foreign_constructor(schema_new/1, 'XSDSchema', new).
* schema_digest(S, D):
* The predicate succeeds in digesting the DOM element D
* into the XSD schema S.
% schema_digest(+XSDSchema, +DomElement)
:- public schema_digest/2.
:- foreign(schema_digest/2, 'ForeignTransform',
sysXsdDigest('Interpreter', 'XSDSchema', 'DomElement')).
* data_check(D, S, O):
* The predicate succeeds in checking the DOM node D versus
* the XSD schema S with the DOM options O.
% data_check(+AbstractDom, +XSDSchema, +List)
:- public data_check/3.
:- foreign(data_check/3, 'ForeignTransform',
sysXMLCheck('AbstractDom', 'XSDSchema', 'Object')).
* sheet_transform(T, S, C, O):
* The predicate succeeds in transforming the DOM node T into
* the stream S with comment C and the XSL options O.
% sheet_check(+AbstractDom, +Stream, +Atom, +List)
:- public sheet_transform/4.
:- foreign(sheet_transform/4, 'ForeignTransform',
'AbstractDom', 'Writer', 'String', 'Object')).
* sheet_check(T, O):
* The predicate succeeds in checking the DOM node T with
* the XSL options O.
% sheet_check(+AbstractDom, +List)
:- public sheet_check/2.
:- foreign(sheet_check/2, 'ForeignTransform',
sysXSLCheck('Interpreter', 'AbstractDom', 'Object')).