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Jekejeke Minlog 0.7.3 (reasoner integration)

Jan Burse, Aug 09. 2014, 21:43

Dear All,

We have just uploaded the new release of Jekejeke
Minlog. The release mainly features some architectural 

- Reasoner Integration: We managed to provide a 
  hypothetical reasoning library that is reused 
  and extended by the forward chaining engine. 
  Also we started with the term domain via a new
  constraint diff/2.

- Open Source: We did not yet manage to make
  the chart parser open source and the CLP(FD)
  open source. But there is already some progress.
  The following modules are already available:

     assume: Assumption Toolbox
     hypo: Hypothetical Reasoning
     delta: Forward Chaining
     diff: Term Domain

  The web site has now
  an open source section. Just click "Support"
  and then "Sources".

Happy coding!

Minimal Logic