Using Android Storage Media

Jan Burse, created Apr 15. 2020, modified May 19. 2020 Dear All, A user submitted the following problematic code: Jekejeke Prolog 4, Runtime Library 1.4.2 (21 janvier 2020) (c) 1985-2020, XLOG Technologies GmbH, Switzerland ?- sys_add_path('file:/document/raw:/storage/emulated/0/Download/'). Yes ?- femme(mia). Error: Undefined or inaccesible predicate femme/1. femme/1 There are two fixes: - sys_add_path/1 adds an archive to the class path and cannot be used to load a Prolog text. Please use ensure_loaded/1 and friends. - On the Android platform, for loading from an SD card, a permission needs to be given to the Jekejeke Prolog runtime library app. Use the Android device settings as follows: Best Regards