Jekejeke Prolog 1.4.4 (Comparator Sort Option)

Jan Burse, created May 28. 2020, modified Jun 10. 2020 Dear All, We just uploaded a new release of Jekejeke Prolog. The following major improvements are provided: - Module "approx": We are still improving rational number support. The module has been relocated to the package "standard" and the number_compare/3 predicate can now do a deep compare: ?- number_compare(X, t(2#3), t(4#11)). X = > - Module "sort": This module now supports a comparator sort option. The same new sort option is also available across bagof predictaes, aggregate predicates and the tabling directive. ?- sort([1#2, 4#11, 2#3], X, [type(callback), comparator(number_compare)]). X = [4#11, 1#2, 2#3] - Module "sequence": The predicate order_by/2 has been fixed so that it now accepts sort function list compatible with SWI-Prolog. We support asc/1 and desc/1, which are mapped to a little comparing DSL. The new feature of the module "approx" is still in experimental stage and should receive further improvements in the upcoming releases. Happy coding! #StaySafe Android Appstores: Google Play Download: Jekejeke Runtime