Jekejeke Prolog 1.3.6 (Disjunction Inlining)

Jan Burse, created Apr 01. 2019 Dear All, We just uploaded a new release of Jekejeke Prolog. We further improved the performance of the Prolog interpreter. - Modules "store"/"base": The development environment features a new module "store" to have a handle to knowledge bases. There is also new module "base" for better source text indexing. - Modules "sequence"/"aggregate": The module "sequence" has been improved, using pivots. And the module "aggregate" has been moved to runtime, also improved by variant based table of pivots. - Disjunction Inlining: It is never too late to teach an old dog some new tricks. The Prolog interpreter now features improved last call optimization and can also inline disjunction and if-then-else when they directly appears in a clause body. Happy coding! Android Appstores: Google Play Download: Jekejeke Runtime