New Server in Operation

Jan Burse, created Mar 31. 2021, modified Apr 01. 2021 Dear All, Our website was hosted on a server from 2017. This web server was running Tomcat 8.0, JDK 8 and Ubuntu 16 LTS. The later reached end of standard support. Therefore our provider proposed a new server. The setup of the new server doesn't provide a dramatic upgrade. The new web server runs Tomcat 8.5, JDK 8 and Ubuntu 18 ESM. We could have also opted for Tomcat 10.0 and JDK 11, but our application has not yet been migrated. We completed testing of the new server and everything seems to work fine so far. The new server uses a different platform and is ca. 2x times faster concerning batch indexing and online search. If you receive this email, even our news sender does work again. Happy coding! #StaySafe