Jekejeke Prolog 1.1.5 (library modules multi-threading)

Jan Burse, created Jul 13. 2016 Dear All, We have just uploaded the new release of Jekejeke Prolog. We wrapped the multi-threading in a couple of library modules. - Module "thread": This module provides new predicates for the management of the life-cycle of a thread. Threads can be created with the predicate thread_new/2 and then started via the predicate thread_start/1. A thread need not be explicitly destroyed, it will automatically be reclaimed by the Java GC when not anymore used. - Modules "lock", "pipe" and "time": These modules provide a couple of synchronization, communication and timing primitives. The module lock provides binary mutexes and read write mutexes. The module pipe provides a bounded queue. The module time provides an alarm queue. Threads waiting for a primitive can be interrupted. - Abort menu item: We added an abort menu item to the Swing GUI and to the Android GUI of the runtime library and of the development environment. In connection with the predicates setup_call_cleanup/3, thread_abort/1 and thread_join/1 application code can tear down spawned threads. Happy coding! Android Appstores: Google Play Download: Runtime Library