How can I use the basic/lists package

Lugdunum, created Sep 20. 2015 I've tried searching the documentation, but other than finding they exist and also finding a basic/lists.px in the file, I've not been able to use it. calling it as: ?- basic/lists:append([1], [2], X). results in: Error: Undefined, private or package local predicate basic/lists:append/3.


Re: How can I use the basic/lists package

Jan Burse, created Oct 11. 2015 Hi Lugdunum, The new release 1.0.9 just came out. Besides a first take on a text auto loader and a Java class auto loader, it has also fixed some problems with the rebuild/0 command. Bye See also:

Re: How can I use the basic/lists package

Jan Burse, created Sep 21. 2015 Hi Lugdunum, As of now, current public release is 1.0.8, the auto loading does not yet work. So only if by chance the basic/lists package was already loaded, either by: :- consult(library(basic/lists)). Or by: :- ensure_loaded(library(basic/lists)). Or by: :- use_module(library(basic/lists)). Or by: :- reexport(library(basic/lists)). the module will be known and then the qualified call will work everywhere. Otherwise the qualified call will not yet work. A new Jekejeke Prolog specific auto loader that fixes the missing feature is planned for release 1.0.9 or 1.0.10. Bye Some more remarks: - Of course the unqualified call, i.e. a direct append([1],[2],X), finds the correct predicate in every module or Prolog text that did the load for the module basic/lists and where no overriding of append/3 happened. - I recommend using use_module/1 or reexport/1 to load modules. There is not yet a sanity check that modules are only loaded this way, but such a must_be_module check might be implemented in the future. - A good spot to see what modules are available and how their name reads is the open source corner. Just check the module/1 directive at beginning of the module text: - A dialect mechanism, so that the modules have the same name as for example in SWI-Prolog is not yet implemented. Can be implemented with the help of reexport/1. - The rebuild/0 command is currently broken, a problem with marking what is preloaded and shouldn't be rebuilt. The make/0 works so far.