Jekejeke Prolog 1.1.0 (Prolog Java proxy classes)

Jan Burse, created Dec 17. 2015 Dear All, We have just uploaded the new release of Jekejeke Prolog. We were mainly improving the foreign function interface towards object orientation: - Seamless Datamodell: We removed unnecessary classes such as TermInteger, TermFloat, TermDecimal and TermRef from the interface. The new base class is the Java class Object. Using TermAtom is optional. In combination with the auto loader the usage of Java classes is simplified. See also: Mutex Tutorial - Multiple Interactors: There is a new API for interactors which is closer to the corresponding Java interfaces. Piggybacking and forking interpreters is still supported, but we can now detect the current interpreter by a new lookup from the current thread. See also: Combiner Tutorial - Proxy Executor: The module system is now used to define Prolog Java proxy classes. The re-exported auto loaded Java interface of a module define the supported methods of the proxy class. proxy classes with state are possible if the interface Data is imported. See also: Queue Tutorial Happy coding! Android Appstores: Google Play Download: Runtime Library