Missing cursor in Android console

jds, created Jan 03. 2014 Nexus 7 and LG G-Pad 8.3, Android 4.4: no cursor/caret in console. Essentially a blocker for serious use. jds PS -- would be better if errors in this form submission didn't swallow up the original text of the message.


Re: Missing cursor in Android console

Jan Burse, created Jan 06. 2014 Hi, It could be that accidentially your default cursor has the same color as the default Jekejeke background. You might try changing the colors in the settings panel of the application itself: Jekejeke Prolog Runtime, User Manual Android Colour Panel Currently in the Android version there is not yet a setting that changes the color of the cursor/selection. So the only workaround would be changing the background. In the Swing version we have a setting for the cursor/selection. We might introduce such a setting for the Android version in a future release as well. Bye P.S.: But I don't understand your P.S. What are you reporting there? P.P.S.: I had a missing cursor blinking problem in some earlier Android versions, especially when I was opening and closing threads tabs. But it seems to have gone.