Jekejeke Minlog 0.6.6 (syntax cleanup and attribute variables)

Jan Burse, created Oct 08. 2013 Dear All, We have just uploaded a new release of Jekejeke Minlog. This release contains a new functionality. - Syntax Cleanup I: The syntax of the forward chainer has undergone a little revision. There is new operator (&:-)/2 to distinguish forward rules from backward rules. Further deleted forward facts can now be marked by the new operator (&-)/1 in the body of a forward rule. - Syntax Cleanup II: The syntax of chart rules has also accordingly been updated. There is now the new operator (&&-->)/2. - Attribute Variables I: The Prolog engine now supports attribute variables. It is possible to associate hooks with attribute variables which can veto unification. There is a new programming example "subject to occurs check". - Attribute Variables II: The CLP(FD) constraint solver now makes use of ordered references and attribute variables. It does now use native Prolog variables and native Prolog unification. There is a benchmark suite in the making. Happy coding! Download: Minlog Modul Release Notes: Minlog Modul