Jekejeke Minlog 0.6.4 (clause variable sharing)

Jan Burse, created Jun 02. 2013 Dear All, We have just uploaded a new release of Jekejeke Minlog. This release contains a new functionality. - Clause Variable Sharing: It is now possible to share variables across assumed clauses. There is a new predicate compile_ref/3 in the tool box. It can be used to define an embedded implication that cannot only share variables but also understands universal quantifiers: (A -: B) :- sys_term_goal(A, C), sys_term_witness(A, W), compile_ref(C, W, R), assume_ref(R, B). It can be used to run for example a variant of the reverse/2 predicate where variable sharing is used instead of passing around a result argument: ?- [user]. reverse(X,Y) :- (rev([],Y) -: (A^B^C^(rev([A|B],C) :- rev(B,[A|C])) -: rev(X,[]))). ?- reverse([1,2,3],X). X = [3,2,1] Happy coding! Download: Minlog Modul Release Notes: Minlog Modul