Jekejeke Prolog 0.9.0 available (speedy on 64-bit)

Jan Burse, created Apr 23. 2012 Dear All The release 0.9.0 of Jekejeke Prolog is available. It is more speedy than I expected on 64-bit platforms. At least if I compare with other systems, for example GNU Prolog in interpreter mode. Here are the ratios: Mac 64-bit: 1.8 Windows 64-bit: 1.9 Linux 32-bit: 3.1 So whats new in this release? Here are some highlights: - Byte I/O introduced. - Some missing string functions introduced. - Some missing trignometric functions introduced. - On-demand multi-argument indexing introduced. - Temporary variables optimzation introduced. - DCG now uses 'C/3 instead of =/2. - Font/background color of console now customizable. As usual the runtime library and the development environment can be downloaded from The installation guides include a detailed listed of the what's new and the persistent issues. Best Regards Jan Burse, 27. August 2011