Jekejeke Prolog 1.3.0 (Prolog dicts and functions on Prolog dicts)
Dear All, We just uploaded a new release of Jekejeke Prolog. We realized Prolog dicts and functions on Prolog dicts. More...
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Jekejeke Prolog SQL Example
Dear All, Now that we have setup_call_cleanup/3 in Jekejeke Prolog which reacts on events in the continuation we can put is safely to use to work with resources. The new example shows how to interface Jekejeke Prolog with a SQL database. More...
Runtime Development Minlog

Downtime during 09.01.2018 to 11.01.2018
Dear All, We had a maintenance downtime of during 09.01.2018 to 11.01.2018, due to some security patches by our provider concerning «Spectre» and «Meltdown». This was a rather unexpected longer downtime. More...
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Forum Streamlined: Jekejeke and XLOG separated
Dear All, In the past the Jekejeke Logic Programming website did house 3 news lists, company, product and topics newsletter. Since we have started disbanding the product newsletter and instead used the topics newsletter itself, we also started disbanding the company newsletter. More...
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Lets meet Pollux our new Search Index
Dear All, This is just to let you know that our website features a new search index. The search index is code named pollux, and its a n-gram index. More...
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