Class Toolkit

This class represents the base for all toolkits. Each toolkit predefines a set of capabilities for a knowledge base. Further capabilities can be added to a knowledge base after its initialization. Some capabilities need activation before they can be added to a knowledge base. Capabilities can be activated via the activate dialog of the development environment. The license texts are stored in the user preferences file.

It is also possible to activate license programmatically. The method activateCapability() does automatically activate a capability over an internet service. If you are behind a firewall, you can also query the install ID of a capability via the method calcInstallID(). You can then use the install ID together with a license key to obtain the license text. The license text can then be stored via the method regLicenseText().

The activation status of an initialized capability can be re-evaluated via the method checkLicense(). The overall activation status can be re-evaluated via the method checkLicenses(). The list of predefined capabilities can be retrieved via the method getInitCapabilities(). The brand capability among the predefined capabilities can be retrieved via the method getBrandCapability().


public abstract class Toolkit {
public static final String PROP_SYS_DISP_INPUT = "sys_disp_input";
public static final String PROP_SYS_DISP_OUTPUT = "sys_disp_output";
public static final String PROP_SYS_DISP_ERROR = "sys_disp_error";
public static final String PROP_SYS_CUR_INPUT = "sys_cur_input";
public static final String PROP_SYS_CUR_OUTPUT = "sys_cur_output";
public static final String PROP_SYS_CUR_ERROR = "sys_cur_error";
public static final String PROP_SYS_ATTACHED_TO = "sys_attached_to";

public void activateCapability(Capability c,
String h) throws InterpreterMessage;
public String calcInstallID(Capability c) throws InterpreterMessage;
public void regLicenseText(Capability c,
String t) throws InterpreterMessage;
public static void checkLicense(Capability c,
Knowledgebase k) throws InterpreterMessage;
public static void checkLicenses(Knowledgebase k)
public abstract Capability[] getInitCapabilities();
public abstract Capability getBrandCapability();
public String capabilityToString(Capability c);