The archive file can be used to execute a Prolog query answer loop. The archive file can either directly or indirectly be deployed on a device.

For direct deployment change the application preferences on your device to allow download from arbitrary locations. Open a browser on the device and then navigate to the download page of our sales system. Some devices might work better when the sales system is browsed without frames. Finally click on the corresponding download link. This will initiate first a local download and then a local deployment of the archive file on the device.

For indirect deployment you might copy the archive file to the destination directory <dest> of your choice and then remotely deploy it to a device. You will then need an Android development kit so that you have a deployment tool. The following step might then do the remote deployment:

The above works for an Android device connected via USB or for an Android emulator present on the download platform.

There is no need to unpack the archive file. Avoid re-deploying once the archive file has been activated, since this might invalidate the activation.