Example Sources

The source files for the development environment example programs are provided as source archive files. The source files mainly include Prolog texts and Java classes. But they might also include other types of artefacts.

The support files archive contains the following sources:

05_run             # Runtime Library 
+--- 10_docu # Documentation
| +--- 01_swing # User Manual Swing
| +--- 02_reference # Language Reference
| +--- 03_interface # Programming Interface
| +--- 05_frequent # Frequent Predicates
 +--- 15_stdy # Studies
+--- 06_bench # Benchmark Results
+--- 07_compliance # Compliance Results
 +--- 08_deploy # Deployment Methods
10_dev # Development Environment
+--- 10_docu # Documentation
+--- 02_reference # Language Reference
+--- 03_interface # Programming Interface

The source archive files are located in the files package.zip in the above directories.

You can easily run the programs by means of the Java command line or from within an inte-grated development environment. Some programs from the deployment methods document demand a web server, an SQL database, a HTML browser or an applet runner for execution. For more details see the corresponding documentation.