Test Scope

In this section we explain what we will test. The aim of our testing is to show compliance with the ISO standard. Since the ISO standard does not cover all parts of Prolog systems, we will also not test all subsystems of our Prolog system. We will only test the following sub systems of Jekejeke Prolog 1.1.1:

The following sub systems are not tested:

The Jekejeke Prolog language consists of some basic concepts, of the syntax of Prolog texts and queries and of Prolog text that define various artefacts. Among the defined artefacts we find predicate, evaluable functions, exceptions, flags and properties. We will only test on the level of predicates and evaluable functions.

For each tested predicate or evaluable function a number of test cases are defined. To reach our goal of showing compliance with the ISO standard, we only pick those predicates and evaluable functions which are also covered by the ISO standard. This means that we have only to consider some of our Prolog texts. The picked predicates and evaluable functions have been grouped into the following packages: