License Activation

The console allows activating capabilities on demand either by service or by e-mail. We can distinguish two possible points in time when license management gets invoked. The first point in time is when a capability is initialized and its license validation fails. The second point in time is when a capability is in use and its license validation fails. The later might happen when the license expires or when the license store is tempered.

Let’s first consider the initialization of a capability. This might either happen implicitly during the initialization of a knowledge base for its default capabilities or explicitly by calling for the initialization of a specific capability. If user interaction has been disabled via setting the prompt flag to false both methods will simply throw a license error. If user interaction is enabled via setting the prompt flag to true the license management gets invoked.

In the case of the initialization of a capability the license management will show a prompt with the validation failure and the product description. Here is a possible outcome:

Minimal Logic 0.1.0, English
The license could not be found. ?

The end-user can choose upon the following options:

s = Service,    e = Email,
c = Cancel,     a = Abort,
EOF = Exit, w = Close ?

The meaning of the options is as follows:

Minimal Logic 0.1.0, English ?s
License Key:

The end-user can then enter the license key that he received together with the prod-uct. The license manager will the contact the product server via the internet and acti-vate the license.

Minimal Logic 0.1.0, English ?e
Install ID: FgOfxdzUYJYulJhIlySxotZNjukMxNkX83LO1VD6

The end-user should copy the install ID into an e-mail and send that e-mail to the product provider. The product provider then responds with another e-mail that will contain the license text. The license manager will ask for the license text:

License Text:

The end-user can then enter the license text he received from the product provider. The license manager will then activate the license.