Module utility [Preloaded]

This module provides help utilities. The predicate apropos/1 allows listing the advertised predicates. The lists are available independent whether a module is loaded or not. The lists are taken from the successfully activated and still registered capabilities.

?- apropos(time).
Indicator               Module          
get_time/1              system/shell    
get_time/2              system/shell    
get_time_file/2         system/file     
set_time_file/2         system/file     
time_out/2              misc/time       
time/1                  swing/stats   

The following utility predicates are provided:

The predicate succeeds in listing the public predicates on the terminal that are advertised by the loaded capabilities and that contain the given atom P in their name.
The predicate succeeds in T with the file name of a apropos table.