crypt Test Program

The crypt riddle is a complication of the well-known SEND + MORE = MONEY riddle. Our riddle is found in W.C. Trigg’s collection [1, problem 223] and it will not only involve addition but also multiplication. We solve for a result of the following riddle. The goal is to find digits that can replace the letters:

        O E E
          E E
      ------- *
      E O E E
      E O E
      O O E E

A letter E stands for an even digit. The letter O stands for an odd digit. The initial E letters are not allowed to receive the zero value. Otherwise all digits of the corresponding class are allowed. The riddle has exactly one solution as follows:

        3 4 8
          2 8
      ------- *
      2 7 8 4
      6 9 6
      9 7 4 4

One test iteration will solve the riddle.