Example Uses

To run the applet we need a server. The problem is that an applet runs in a sandbox. When running locally the sandbox does not grant enough rights so as that it can navigate to all the resources it needs. For CheerpJ the result is, that the Java applet plugin doesn't allow to opt-in to run it. On the other hand, if the applet page is place on a web server, there is no problem to run the applet as of 2018:

Picture 8: Applet with Search Results

The Java applet can be used when we place it on a server. The sandbox will then prevent ac-cessing the global clipboard. This makes it difficult to run our Unicode search. We cannot copy/paste the Unicode criteria from outside of the applet. We have to type them manually. On the other hand, changing the input language in the environment and/or using a screen key-board utility does work with CheerpJ.