Example Uses

To run the application a web server and a browser needs to be invoked. Browsers usually allow manually specifying an URL. We noticed that our browser did not have problems in accepting and submitting an UTF-8 encoded URL with parameters. The resulting employee/4 facts of the search for the name ‘Иванов’ [Iwanov] can be seen here. There seems also to be no problem in displaying the UTF-8 encoded service page:

Picture 16: Service Page Unicode Search

The client application can be run without a browser but it will nevertheless retrieve the data from the remote server. We will directly head towards testing the behaviour of Unicode queries. Compared to the servlet example where we used a browser, the Unicode has now to travel back and forth through the client application. It will pass the user interface pane, the interpreter stub and the Prolog agent. It seems that everything works fine. The result of the search for the name ‘Иванов’ [Iwanov] in the client frame can be seen here:

Picture 17: Client Frame Unicode Search