Applet Deployment

For the applet example there are the following additional sources:

We have use the following directory layout for the Java sources ( and the applet HTML page (page.html). We also reuse some artefacts from the previous terminal and standalone example, but we do not show them here:

+--- page.html

The compilation is done similar as for the previous terminal or standalone example, and we do not show it here. This time we assume that all the artefacts are packed into an archive (hello.jar). This can be done for example by the jar command:

jar cf example03/hello.jar \
WEB-INF/classes/*.class \

When running the applet from the server we used the following directory layout. The Jekejeke Prolog runtime library (interpreter.jar) needs also to be copied to the server. The only visible non-archive artefact is the applet HTML page (page.html):

+--- hello.jar
+--- interpreter.jar
+--- page.html

There are different approaches to deploy a web context to a web server. We find creating a .war file or plain copying of the directory tree. When the start of the web server was successful the applet HTML page can be invoked from a browser.