Mobile Deployment

For the mobile example there are the following sources:

During compilation we cannot use the Android package of the Jekejeke Prolog runtime library (interpreter.apk) since it contains Dalvik code and not Java byte code. Instead we have to use the embeddable library of the Jekejeke Prolog runtime library ( with the Java byte code, which can be downloaded from our web site (

We have used the following directory layout for the Java sources (,, and, the Prolog text (table.p), the Android resources (deployandroid.png, strings.xml and AndroidManifest.xml) and the Jekejeke Prolog runtime library ( with the extension renamed during compilation:

+--- example07
+--- table.p
+--- interpreter.jar
+--- drawable
| +--- deployandroid.png
+--- values
+--- strings.xml

We have used the interactive tool chain from the Android Studio IDE. The tool chain will also generate a directory gen with some derived information. The tool chain typically will first gener-ate Java byte code, then Dalvik code and finally an APK file for the mobile application. The intermediate and final results might use the following directory layout:

+--- example07
+--- Adapter.class
+--- Criterias.class
+--- Query.class
+--- table.p
+--- deployandroid.apk
+--- deployandroid.unaligned.apk