The archive file can extend a Prolog system for application use. In most cases the top-level methods from the previous sections also work for application embedding. But it could be that the extension capability needs to be accessed at compile time. It is then necessary to add the archive file to the class path during compilation:

javac –bootclasspath android.jar \ 
–cp interpreter.zip;module.zip;. \
<activity>.java # on windows
javac –bootclasspath android.jar \
–cp interpreter.zip:module.zip;. \
<activity>.java # on linux and mac

The only Java programming object that is visible for the Jekejeke Minlog module is the class CapabilityMinlog. Currently this class does not export some constants or functions. It might be only useful for use in administration functions of the runtime library.

After compilation you then need to execute the further steps that are necessary in the process of building an Android package are. Alternatively you can use an integrated development environment to compile and execute your Java class.