Modul Slots

Jan Burse, erstellt 22. Mai 2019
* Prolog text slots from Chat80 as a module.
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* Obtained rights comment in Prolog text and text from LICENSE file:
* @(#) 24.1 2/23/88
* Copyright 1986, Fernando C.N. Pereira and David H.D. Warren,
* All Rights Reserved
* This program may be used, copied, altered or included in other programs
* only for academic purposes and provided that the authorship of the
* initial program is acknowledged. Use for commercial purposes without the
* previous written agreement of the authors is forbidden.
:- if(current_prolog_flag(dialect,jekejeke)).
:- package(library(natural)).
:- endif.
:- module(slots, [i_sentence/2]).
:- current_prolog_flag(dialect, jekejeke)
-> use_module(library(basic/lists)); true.
:- use_module('../database/chatops').
:- use_module(templa).
:- use_module(newdic).
i_sentence(q(S), question([],P)) :-
i_s(S, P, [], 0).
i_sentence(whq(X,S), question([X],P)) :-
i_s(S, P, [], 0).
i_sentence(imp(s(_,Verb,VArgs,VMods)), imp(V,Args)) :-
i_verb(Verb, V, _, active, pos, Slots0, [], transparent),
i_verb_args(VArgs, [], [], Slots0, Slots, Args, Args0, Up, -0),
append(Up, VMods, Mods),
i_verb_mods(Mods, _, [], Slots, Args0, Up, +0).
i_np(there, Y, quant(void,_,~true,~true,[],Y), [], _, _, XA, XA).
i_np(NP, Y, Q, Up, Id0, Index, XA0, XA) :-
i_np_head(NP, Y, Q, Det, Det0, X, Pred, QMods, Slots0, Id0),
held_arg(XA0, XA, Slots0, Slots, Id0, Id),
i_np_rest(NP, Det, Det0, X, Pred, QMods, Slots, Up, Id, Index).
i_np_head(np(_,Kernel,_), Y,
Det, Det0, X, Pred, QMods, Slots, _) :-
i_np_head0(Kernel, X, T, Det0, Head, Pred0, Pred, Slots),
Type-_ = Y,
Type-_ = T.
i_np_rest(np(_,_,Mods), Det, Det0, X, Pred, QMods, Slots, Up, Id, Index) :-
index_args(Det0, Index, Id, Det, IndexA),
i_np_mods(Mods, X, Slots, Pred, QMods, Up, Id, IndexA).
held_arg(held_arg(Case,-Id,X), [], S0, S, Id, +Id) :-
in_slot(S0, Case, X, Id, S, _).
held_arg(XA, XA, S, S, Id, Id).
i_np_head0(np_head(Det,Adjs,Noun), X, T, Det, Head0, Pred0, Pred, Slots) :-
i_adjs(Adjs, X, T, X, Head0, Head, Pred0, Pred),
i_noun(Noun, X, Head, Slots).
Type-X, Type-X, Det, ~true, Pred, Pred,
[slot(prep(of),Type,X,_,comparator)]) :-
comparator(Noun, Type, V, Adjs, Det).
Type-X, Type-X, void, ~P, Pred, Pred, []) :-
measure(Noun, Type, Adjs, Units),
conversion(N, Op0, Type, V, Op),
measure_op(Op, X, V--Units, P).
Type-Name, Type-Name, id, ~true, Pred, Pred, []) :-
name_template(Name, Type).
i_np_head0(wh(X), X, X, id, ~true, Pred, Pred, []).
i_np_mods(Mods, _, [], ~true, [], Mods, _, _).
i_np_mods([Mod|Mods], X, Slots0, Pred0, QMods0, Up, Id, Index) :-
i_np_mod(Mod, X, Slots0, Slots,
Pred0, Pred, QMods0, QMods, Up0, -Id, Index),
append(Up0, Mods, Mods0),
i_np_mods(Mods0, X, Slots, Pred, QMods, Up, +Id, Index).
i_np_mods(Mods, _, [Slot|Slots], ~true, QMods, Mods, Id, _) :-
i_voids([Slot|Slots], QMods, Id).
i_voids([], [], _).
i_voids([Slot|Slots], [quant(void,X,~true,~true,[],_)|QMods], Id) :-
nominal_slot(Slot, X, -Id), !,
i_voids(Slots, QMods, +Id).
i_voids([_|Slots], QMods, Id) :-
i_voids(Slots, QMods, Id).
i_rel(rel(X,S), X, P&Pred, Pred, QMods, QMods, Up, Id) :-
i_s(S, P, Up, Id).
i_rel(reduced_rel(X,S), X, Pred, Pred, [A|QMods], QMods, Up, Id) :-
i_s(S, A, Up, Id).
i_rel(conj(Conj,Left,Right), X,
conj(Conj,LPred,LQMods,RPred,RQMods)&Pred, Pred,
QMods, QMods, Up, Id) :-
i_rel(Left, X, LPred, ~true, LQMods, [], [], -Id),
i_rel(Right, X, RPred, ~true, RQMods, [], Up, +Id).
X, Slots0, Slots, Pred, Pred, [QMod|QMods], QMods, Up, Id0, Index0) :-
i_np_head(NP, Y, Q, LDet, LDet0, LX, LPred, LQMods, LSlots0, Id0),
i_bind(Prep, Slots0, Slots1, X, Y, Id0, Function, P, PSlots, XArg),
append(PSlots, Slots1, Slots),
i_np_modify(Function, P, Q, QMod, Index0, Index),
held_arg(XArg, [], LSlots0, LSlots, Id0, Id),
i_np_rest(NP, LDet, LDet0, LX, LPred, LQMods, LSlots, Up, Id, Index).
i_np_mod(Mod, X, Slots, Slots, Pred0, Pred, QMods0, QMods, Up, Id, _) :-
i_rel(Mod, X, Pred0, Pred, QMods0, QMods, Up, Id).
i_noun(Noun, Type-X, P, Slots) :-
noun_template(Noun, Type, X, P, Slots).
i_bind(Prep, Slots0, Slots, _, X, Id, arg, P, [], []) :-
in_slot(Slots0, Case, X, Id, Slots, P),
deepen_case(Prep, Case).
i_bind(prep(Prep), Slots, Slots, X, Y, _, adjoin, ~P, PSlots, XArg) :-
i_adjoin(Prep, X, Y, PSlots, XArg, P).
i_np_modify(adjoin, P, N, N&P, _, unit).
i_np_modify(arg, F, N, N, Index0, Index) :-
index_slot(F, Index0, Index).
in_slot([Slot|Slots], Case, X, Id, Slots, F) :-
slot_match(Slot, Case, X, Id, F).
in_slot([Slot|Slots0], Case, X, Id, [Slot|Slots], F) :-
in_slot(Slots0, Case, X, Id, Slots, F).
slot_match(slot(Case,Type,X,Id,F), Case, Type-X, Id, F).
i_adjs([], _, T, T, Head, Head, Pred, Pred).
i_adjs([Adj|Adjs], X, T, T0, Head0, Head, Pred0, Pred) :-
i_adj(Adj, X, T, T1, Head0, Head1, Pred0, Pred1),
i_adjs(Adjs, X, T1, T0, Head1, Head, Pred1, Pred).
i_adj(adj(Adj), Type-X, T, T, Head, Head, ~P&Pred, Pred) :-
restriction(Adj, Type, X, P).
i_adj(adj(Adj), TypeX-X, TypeV-V, _,
aggr(F,V,[X],Head,Pred), Head, ~true, Pred) :-
aggr_adj(Adj, TypeV, TypeX, F).
i_adj(sup(Op0,adj(Adj)), Type-X, Type-V, _,
aggr(F,V,[Y,X],Head,~P&Pred), Head, ~true, Pred) :-
chat_sign(Adj, Sign),
inverse(Op0, Sign, Op),
i_sup_op(Op, F),
attribute(Adj, Type, X, _, Y, P).
% i_adj(adj(Adj),TypeX-X,T,T,_,
% Head,Head,quant(void,TypeX-Y,~P,~Q&Pred,[],_),Pred) :-
% attribute(Adj,TypeX,X,_,Y,P),
% standard(Adj,TypeX,Y,Q).
i_s(s(Subj,Verb,VArgs,VMods), Pred, Up, Id) :-
i_verb(Verb, P, Tense, Voice, Neg, Slots0, XA0, Meta),
i_subj(Voice, Subj, Slots0, Slots1, QSubj, SUp, -(-Id)),
append(SUp, VArgs, TArgs),
i_verb_args(TArgs, XA0, XA, Slots1, Slots, Args0, Args, Up0, +(-Id)),
append(Up0, VMods, Mods),
i_verb_mods(Mods, Tense, XA, Slots, Args, Up, +Id),
reshape_pred(Meta, QSubj, Neg, P, Args0, Pred).
P, Tense, Voice, Det, Slots, XArg, Meta) :-
verb_template(Root, P, Slots, XArg, Meta),
i_neg(Neg, Det).
reshape_pred(transparent, S, N, P, A, pred(S,N,P,A)).
reshape_pred(have, Subj, Neg, Verb0,
pred(Subj,Neg,Verb,[quant(Det,X,Head,Pred,QArgs,Y)|MRest])) :-
have_pred(Head0, Verb0, Head, Verb).
have_pred(~Head, Verb, ~true, (Head,Verb)).
have_pred(Head, Verb, Head, Verb) :-
i_neg(pos, id).
i_neg(neg, not).
i_subj(Voice, Subj, Slots0, Slots, Quant, Up, Id) :-
subj_case(Voice, Case),
verb_slot(arg(Case,Subj), [], [], Slots0, Slots, [Quant], [], Up, Id).
i_verb_args(VArgs, XA0, XA, Slots0, Slots, Args0, Args, Up, Id) :-
fill_verb(VArgs, XA0, XA, Slots0, Slots, Args0, Args, Up, Id).
subj_case(active, subj).
subj_case(passive, s_subj).
fill_verb([], XA, XA, Slots, Slots, Args, Args, [], _).
fill_verb([Node|Nodes0], XA0, XA, Slots0, Slots, Args0, Args, Up, Id) :-
verb_slot(Node, XA0, XA1, Slots0, Slots1, Args0, Args1, Up0, -Id),
append(Up0, Nodes0, Nodes),
fill_verb(Nodes, XA1, XA, Slots1, Slots, Args1, Args, Up, +Id).
XArg0, XArg, Slots0, Slots, [Q|Args], Args, Up, Id) :-
i_np(NP, X, Q, Up, Id, unit, XArg0, XArg),
in_slot(Slots0, Case, X, Id, Slots, _),
deepen_case(Prep, Case).
verb_slot(void, XA, XA, Slots, Slots, Args, Args, [], _) :-
in_slot(Slots, pred, _, _, _, _).
TXArg, TXArg, Slots0, Slots, [Q& ~P|Args], Args, Up, Id0) :-
in_slot(Slots0, pred, X, Id0, Slots1, _),
i_adjoin(Prep, X, Y, PSlots, XArg, P),
i_np_head(NP, Y, Q, LDet, LDet0, LX, LPred, LQMods, LSlots0, Id0),
held_arg(XArg, [], LSlots0, LSlots, Id0, Id),
i_np_rest(NP, LDet, LDet0, LX, LPred, LQMods, LSlots, Up, Id, free),
append(PSlots, Slots1, Slots).
XArg0, XArg, Slots0, Slots, [Q|Args], Args, Up, Id) :-
i_np(NP, X, Q, Up, Id, unit, XArg0, XArg),
in_slot(Slots0, Case, X, Id, Slots, _),
deepen_case(SCase, Case).
% verb_slot(adverb(Adv),XA,XA,Slots0,Slots,[~P|Args],Args,[],Id) :-
% adv_template(Adv,Case,X,P),
% in_slot(Slots0,Case,X,Id,Slots,_).
verb_slot(arg(pred,AP), XA, XA, Slots0, Slots, Args0, Args, Up, Id) :-
in_slot(Slots0, pred, X, Id, Slots, _),
i_pred(AP, X, Args0, Args, Up, Id).
i_pred(conj(Conj,Left,Right), X,
QMods, Up, Id) :-
i_pred(Left, X, LQMods, [], [], -Id),
i_pred(Right, X, RQMods, [], Up, +Id).
i_pred(AP, T, [~Head&Pred|As], As, [], _) :-
i_adj(AP, T, _, _, Head, true, Pred, ~true).
i_pred(value(adj(Adj),wh(TypeY-Y)), Type-X, [~H|As], As, [], _) :-
attribute(Adj, Type, X, TypeY, Y, H).
i_pred(comp(Op0,adj(Adj),NP), X, [P1&P2& ~P3,Q|As], As, Up, Id) :-
i_np(NP, Y, Q, Up, Id, unit, [], []),
chat_sign(Adj, Sign),
i_measure(X, Adj, Type, U, P1),
i_measure(Y, Adj, Type, V, P2),
inverse(Op0, Sign, Op),
measure_op(Op, U, V, P3).
i_pred(pp(prep(Prep),NP), X, [~H,Q|As], As, Up, Id) :-
i_np(NP, Y, Q, Up, Id, unit, [], []),
adjunction(Prep, X, Y, H).
i_adjoin(with, TS-S, TV-Y, [slot(prep(of),TV,Z,_,free)],
i_adjoin(Prep, X, Y, [], [], P) :-
adjunction(Prep, X, Y, P).
i_measure(Type-X, Adj, Type, X, ~true) :-
units(Adj, Type).
i_measure(TypeX-X, Adj, TypeY, Y, quant(void,TypeY-Y,~P,~true,[],_)) :-
attribute(Adj, TypeX, X, TypeY, Y, P).
i_verb_mods(Mods, _, XA, Slots0, Args0, Up, Id) :-
fill_verb(Mods, XA, [], Slots0, Slots, Args0, Args, Up, -Id),
i_voids(Slots, Args, +Id).
nominal_slot(slot(Kind,Type,X,Id,_), Type-X, Id) :-
i_sup_op(least, min).
i_sup_op(most, max).
conversion(wh(Type-X), same, Type, X, id).
conversion(nb(N), Op, _, N, Op).
measure_op(id, X, X, true).
measure_op(same, X, Y, X=Y).
measure_op(less, X, Y, exceeds(Y,X)).
measure_op(not+less, X, Y, \+exceeds(Y,X)).
measure_op(more, X, Y, exceeds(X,Y)).
measure_op(not+more, X, Y, \+exceeds(X,Y)).
inverse(most, -, least).
inverse(least, -, most).
inverse(same, -, same).
inverse(less, -, more).
inverse(more, -, less).
inverse(X, +, X).
noun_template(Noun, TypeV, V, ~P,
[slot(poss,TypeO,O,Os,index)|Slots]) :-
property(Noun, TypeV, V, TypeO, O, P, Slots, Os, _).
noun_template(Noun, TypeV, V, aggr(F,V,[],~true,~true),
[slot(prep(of),TypeS,_,_,free)]) :-
aggr_noun(Noun, TypeV, TypeS, F).
noun_template(Noun, Type, X, ~P, Slots) :-
thing(Noun, Type, X, P, Slots, _).
noun_template(Noun, TypeV, V, apply(F,P),
[slot(prep(of),TypeX,X,_,apply)]) :-
meta_noun(Noun, TypeV, V, TypeX, X, P, F).
verb_template(have, Y=Z,
held_arg(poss,-(-(+Id)),TypeS-S), have).
verb_template(have, Y=Z,
held_arg(poss,-(-(-(+Id))),TypeS-S), have).
verb_template(Verb, Pred,
[slot(subj,TypeS,S,_,free)|Slots], [], transparent) :-
verb_type(Verb, _+Kind),
verb_kind(Kind, Verb, TypeS, S, Pred, Slots).
verb_kind(be, _, TypeS, S, S=A, [slot(dir,TypeS,A,_,free)]).
verb_kind(be, _, TypeS, S, true, [slot(pred,TypeS,S,_,free)]).
verb_kind(intrans, Verb, TypeS, S, Pred, Slots) :-
intrans(Verb, TypeS, S, Pred, Slots, _).
verb_kind(trans, Verb, TypeS, S, Pred,
[slot(dir,TypeD,D,SlotD,free)|Slots]) :-
trans(Verb, TypeS, S, TypeD, D, Pred, Slots, SlotD, _).
% verb_kind(ditrans,Verb,TypeS,S,Pred,
% [slot(dir,TypeD,D,SlotD,free),
% slot(ind,TypeI,I,SlotI,free)|Slots]) :-
% ditrans(Verb,TypeS,S,TypeD,D,TypeI,I,Pred,Slots,SlotD,SlotI,_).
deepen_case(prep(at), time).
deepen_case(s_subj, dir).
deepen_case(s_subj, ind).
deepen_case(prep(by), subj).
deepen_case(prep(to), ind).
deepen_case(prep(of), poss).
% ================================================================
% Determiner Indexing Table
index_slot(index, I, I).
index_slot(free, _, unit).
index_slot(apply, _, apply).
index_slot(comparator, _, comparator).
index_args(det(the(plu)), unit, I, set(I), index(I)) :- !.
index_args(int_det(X), index(I), _, int_det(I,X), unit) :- !.
index_args(generic, apply, _, lambda, unit) :- !.
index_args(D, comparator, _, id, unit) :-
( indexable(D)
; D = generic), !.
index_args(D, unit, _, D, unit) :- !.
index_args(det(D), I, _, I, I) :-
index_args(D, I, _, D, I).