Example Agent

Jan Burse, created Aug 27. 2018
* Prolog code for the agent.
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:- use_package(foreign(example05)).
% act(+Firstname, +Name, +AgeFrom, +AgeTo, +SalaryFrom, +SalaryTo, -Compound)
act(F, N, AF, AT, SF, ST, R) :-
atom_concat('http://localhost:8082/example05/service.jsp?firstname=', F8, A1),
atom_concat(A1, '&name=', A2),
atom_concat(A2, N8, A3),
atom_concat(A3, '&agefrom=', A4),
atom_concat(A4, AF8, A5),
atom_concat(A5, '&ageto=', A6),
atom_concat(A6, AT8, A7),
atom_concat(A7, '&salaryfrom=', A8),
atom_concat(A8, SF8, A9),
atom_concat(A9, '&salaryto=', A10),
atom_concat(A10, ST8, A11),
setup_call_cleanup(open(A11, read, S),
fetch(S, R),
% fetch(+Stream, -Compound)
read(S, T),
( T = end_of_file, !, fail
; T = exception(E),
; T = R).
/* Foreign Functions */
% encode_parameter(+Atom, -Atom)
:- foreign(encode_parameter/2, 'Stub', encodeParameter('String')).