Module Rivers

Jan Burse, created May 21. 2019
* Prolog text rivers from Chat80 as a module.
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:- if(current_prolog_flag(dialect,jekejeke)).
:- package(library(database)).
:- endif.
:- module(rivers, [river/2]).
% Facts about rivers.
% ------------------
river(amazon, [atlantic,brazil,peru]).
river(amu_darya, [aral_sea,soviet_union,afghanistan]).
river(amur, [pacific,soviet_union,china,mongolia]).
river(brahmaputra, [indian_ocean,bangladesh,china]).
river(colorado, [pacific,mexico,united_states]).
river(congo_river, [atlantic,zaire,zambia]).
river(cubango, [botswana,south_africa,angola]).
river(danube, [black_sea,romania,yugoslavia,hungary,czechoslovakia,austria,
river(don, [black_sea,soviet_union]).
river(elbe, [atlantic,west_germany,east_germany,czechoslovakia]).
river(euphrates, [persian_gulf,iraq,syria,turkey]).
river(ganges, [indian_ocean,india,china]).
river(hwang_ho, [pacific,china]).
river(indus, [indian_ocean,pakistan,india,china]).
river(irrawaddy, [indian_ocean,burma]).
river(lena, [arctic_ocean,soviet_union]).
river(limpopo, [indian_ocean,mozambique,south_africa]).
river(mackenzie, [arctic_ocean,canada]).
river(mekong, [pacific,vietnam,cambodia,laos,china]).
river(mississippi, [atlantic,united_states]).
river(murray, [indian_ocean,australia]).
river(niger_river, [atlantic,nigeria,niger,mali,guinea]).
river(nile, [mediterranean,egypt,sudan,uganda]).
river(ob, [arctic_ocean,soviet_union]).
river(oder, [baltic,poland,czechoslovakia]).
river(orange, [atlantic,south_africa,lesotho]).
river(orinoco, [atlantic,venezuela,colombia]).
river(parana, [atlantic,argentina,paraguay,brazil]).
river(rhine, [atlantic,netherlands,west_germany,switzerland]).
river(rhone, [mediterranean,france,switzerland]).
river(rio_grande, [atlantic,mexico,united_states]).
river(salween, [indian_ocean,burma,china]).
river(senegal_river, [atlantic,senegal,mali,guinea]).
river(tagus, [atlantic,portugal,spain]).
river(vistula, [baltic,poland]).
river(volga, [black_sea,soviet_union]).
river(volta, [atlantic,ghana,upper_volta]).
river(yangtze, [pacific,china]).
river(yenisei, [arctic_ocean,soviet_union,mongolia]).
river(yukon, [pacific,united_states,canada]).
river(zambesi, [indian_ocean,mozambique,zambia,angola]).