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Jekejeke Prolog 1.1.7 (array subscripts)

Jan Burse, Dec 12. 2016, 01:31

Dear All,

We have just uploaded the new release of Jekejeke Prolog. New predicates have been added and the syntax has been extended.

- Array Subscripts:
  The Prolog interpreter now supports the syntax X[X1,..Xn] for array subscripts. The syntax is parsed as an abstract term [](X,X1,..,Xn).

- Predicate Clean-Up:
  The calculation of hash values has been improved via new predicates such as term_hash/4, etc.. To conform with the ISO core standard we have added the predicate acyclic_term/2.

- Text Predicates:
  The new predicates locale_sort/2, etc.. allow sorting according to a locale. The new predicates pattern_match/2, etc.. allow pattern matching and are extensible.

Array subscripts can already be used inside is/2:

  ?- X = ''(11,33,44), Y is X[2].
  X = 33

The usage in CLP(FD) does not yet work completely.

Happy coding!

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